Heirs of Mourning Pitch Email, Questionnaire

Alright, so the wiki is a huge info dump about Eberron, but what about this specific game?

The background:

  • The Last War started with the death of the King Jarot of the Kingdom of Galifer, the kingdom that kept the Five Nations united during 1,000 years of prosperity. Jarot’s five heirs, each in command of one of the Five Nations, refused to bow to tradition. Instead of allowing the eldest scion to take the crown, the siblings individually vied to take control of the kingdom.
  • The fighting continued for more than a century; each of the Five Nations alternately fighting against or alongside one another. Millions died.
  • After 101 years of fighting, Cyre was destroyed in the Day of Mourning. The country was wiped off of the map by an as of yet unexplained magical cataclysm that turned the country into a grey, caustic wasteland of monsters and arcane abominations.
  • The Treaty of Thronehold was signed as the looming threat of another Mourning hung over the head of all leaders. New countries were carved out of the Five Nations in the treaty, but Cyre was not mentioned once.
  • Today, the nations of Khorvaire seek to rebuild and prosper as the new found peace is strained and tested by suspicion, paranoia, and intrigue. Cyran survivors are landless, huddled in the city of New Cyre in Breland.

I thought it would be interesting to try a Council of Echoes 2.0, which is to say a council-style sandbox game that focuses on the fun adventuring and combat that D&D provides. (And not a janky city building game.)

Oargev ir’Wynarn is the supposed last surviving heir of the Cyran royal family. The other nations do not recognize him as a leader. After a year of selflessly taking care of the growing number of Cyran refugees in New Cyre, he’s growing restless. The fate of his lineage and people are weighing on his shoulders. He’s looking to gather extraordinary individuals to find a new future for what was once the most beautiful country in all of Khorvaire.

That’s you guys.

Here are the questions that I want you to turn around in your head while you think of new characters. I’d love something in writing, but it’s not necessary. They are specifically worded in a way to pack an imaginative punch, feel free to ignore how they’re worded if it doesn’t suit you.

  1. Why did you offer your services to Oargev ir’Wynarn to fight for the future of Cyre?
  2. What is the worst scar you bear from the Last War? (Physical, emotional, take your pick.)
  3. What did you do to make your worst enemy want to revenge so badly?
  4. Who helped you the last time you were in over your head?
  5. Who do you answer to?

Heirs of Mourning Pitch Email, Questionnaire

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