Religions and Cults

The religions in Eberron function much more like our religions do: they’re largely taken on faith. The gods do not walk around, and the followers of the religions do not have to be of a “compatible” alignment.

The Sovereign Host

The worship of the Sovereign Host is the most wide-spread of Eberron’s religions, consisting of nine benevolent and six malevolent deities to govern the world. The faith of the Sovereign Host is infinitely adaptable and easy to follow, allowing it to not merely survive but to thrive in the face of hardship. Most Vassals of the Host pay tribute to all of its deities, even the Dark Six when appropriate, though many have their favorites.

Core Principles
  • As is the world, so are the gods; as are the gods, so is the world.
  • Place your trust in the community and treat others as they deserve to be treated.
  • Bring the light of civilization to the darkness of the wilds.
  • Life is a gift that should not be squandered. (It’s common belief that, after death, your soul moves on to Dolurrh, which is basically limbo. No existential punishment/reward system here.)


The Host
  • Arawai (Good): Agriculture, fertility, and natural resources.
  • Aureon (Unaligned): Knowledge, law, arcane lore and magic
  • Balinor (Unaligned): Beasts, the hunt, the cycle of life
  • Boldrei (Good): Community, home, hearth
  • Dol Arrah (Lawful Good): Light (both physical and metaphorical), honor, selflessness, military strategy, war
  • Dol Dorn (Unaligned): Courage, duty, physical prowess, soldiers and warriors, war
  • Kol Korran (Unaligned): Wealth, trade, commerce
  • Olladra (Good): Fortune, luck, success
  • Onatar (Unaligned): Forges, crafts, industry, fire

If you want more information on the Sovereign Host, p14-17 of the Eberron Player’s Guide has a great run down of each individual deity.


The Dark Six
  • The Devourer (Chaotic Evil): Storm, flood, famine, nature’s wrath, the sea
  • The Fury (Chaotic Evil): Wrath, passion, vengeance
  • The Keeper (Evil): Gluttony, greed, necromancy
  • The Mockery (Evil): Violence, betrayal, dishonorable victory, love of carnage, war
  • The Shadow (Chaotic Evil): Ambition, dark magic, corruption
  • The Traveler (Unaligned): Change, cunning, innovation, deception, shape shifters


The Silver Flame

The Church of the Silver Flame has found support across Khorvaire, especially in Thrane, though some find their evangelism distasteful. They wage a never-ending struggle against evil, fighting demons, devils, and monsters. Corruption within the church itself continues to be the organization’s most relentless foe.

The Silver Flame was formed when the paladin Tira Miron and a couatl merged into a silver pillar of fire to stop a demonic overlord from escaping from Khyber. Tira is now the immortal Voice of the Flame, an intermediary between the moral world and the divine.

The Silver Flame is located in Flamekeep, Thrane. The Keeper of the Flame, the leader of the church and the country, is currently Jaela Daran, and eleven-year-old girl.

Core Principles
  • Trust in the Silver Flame.
  • Heed the words of the Keeper, for the voice of the Keeper is the voice of the Flame itself.
  • Fight evil in all of its forms.
  • Lead a noble life, encourage others to do the same.
  • Share the faith. The Silver Flame can purify the darkest spirit.


The Blood of Vol

The Blood of Vol worships no god or higher power, but instead worships the divinity that lies within all mortal beings. It seeks to overcome death and revers those who have already done so through “ascension”. Though The Blood is dark, driven, and grim, not all of its adherents are wicked.

Spoiler: This cult is driven by abjectly evil forces, though only a hand full of people know it.

Core Principles
  • Seek the divine within, for the blood is the life, and in its call can be heard the promise of life eternal. One has but to listen.
  • Only the divine is eternal. Dolurrh is for those who fail to master and comprehend the Divinity Within.
  • Don’t be grossed out by the undead. NO REASON IT’S JUST HANDY SOMETIMES


Cults of the Dragon Below

Worshipers of insanity, lunatics who devote themselves not to Khyber directly but to the horrors, demons, and aberrant nightmares imprisoned within. Bad stuff.

The cults have no core principles, nor do they have anything close to regular rituals of worship. Their worship comes from sowing the seeds of chaos that their abberant masters represent.

Spirits of the Past (Valenar Elves)

The Valenar revere their ancestors. Their practice stops short of worship, but the spirits of the past represent glorious deeds and the rich history of the elven race.

Core Principles:
  • Remember the great deeds of the past, try to emulate and surpass them.
  • Look to history and tradition for strength.
  • Nothing is true today that wasn’t true in the past; it just wears different trappings.

The Undying Court (Arenal Elves)

While the Valenar revere their dead ancestors, the Arenal revere ancestors who have eluded death’s grasp. Ages ago the Arenal discovered the secret to extending their life spans. Only the wisest members of their race received this treatment, and these creatures rule Arenal as they did millennia ago.

Core Principles:
  • Obey the commands of the Undying Court.
  • Immortality is within reach if you prove yourself worthy.
  • This world is but one stop on the soul’s journey toward perfection.

Religions and Cults

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